Amber Melanie Smith holding a sign that says Change the World or Bust against a city skyline

Activate your inner changemaker and make a massive impact in your community, career, or workplace

Past Speaking Clients

“Amber has an incredible ability to help people realize how to convert personal passion into community action.”

Rosanne Johnson,
President, Evoke Micromass
Program Chair, Athena Enlightened Leaders

Amber was definitely the draw for the evening.

Donna Daniels

Principal Program Manager at SAS, Business & Professional Women of the Triangle

Amber is an engaging speaker and the students, educators, and nonprofit staff at the conference were inspired and motivated by Amber’s personal journey to service as well as her vision about the power of volunteerism to transform communities. I highly recommend her for your next event!

Leslie A. Garvin, MSW

Executive Director, North Carolina Campus Compact

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Amber Melanie Smith holds a small earth in her hands while smiling

Amber Melanie Smith is a speaker, award-winning nonprofit founder and social entrepreneur, and social impact YouTuber. Through a growing online community of changemakers, speaking, and educational content, Amber helps people create their roadmap to a life and career that creates positive social change.

People crave work that makes a positive social impact more than ever.

The world needs more changemakers — and barriers to participating in work that creates positive change lead to disengagement in the workplace, career aimlessness, and more. 


Let's partner to help your audience gain the clarity and inspiration they need to make a social impact through their lifestyles, career, or workplace. I'll help your audience get the tools they need to...

  • Align work to social impact goals and in turn, transform personal, professional, and organizational success
  • Develop a unique changemaker identity and mission statement to optimize their impact on their community and organization
  • Understand how positive social change happens and use key changemaker strategies to drive change with their teams and communities
  • Effectively mobilize people around them to support their cause or goal
  • Overcome barriers to getting started and staying the course

My talks are perfect for:

Corporate social responsibility, employee engagement and human resources leaders and organizations  |  Women’s leadership events  |  Conferences and events for audiences seeking their next career opportunities  |  Young professionals  |  Aspiring nonprofit or social enterprise founders and leaders

I'll show your audience how to Do Good AND Do Well.

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